Welcome to Throwdown.EU!

For more than ten years, Throwdown has been the combat sports and functional fitness industries’ leader in innovation, quality and safety. Born in response to the inferior products found throughout the marketplace, Throwdown has continued raise the bar on industry standards and invent new products, while advancing technology and performance for modern hybrid athletes.

We stay at your side as solution Provider for you as combat- and fitness/gym operator, also as personal training studio with the planning and successful implementing project in whole Europe.No matter if you open a new gym or expand. With our strong partners, we will analyze your needs, create a tailor-made concept and help you to implement within a stipulated period.

Only 12 minutes distance by car from the new “Fashion Outlet” at the ICE station Montabaur, we present Throwdown on 700 square meters floor space.

With our assortment we help teams and single athletes to train safely, effectively and improve themselves.
We are focused on kinds of sports like “Grappling”, “Muay Thai”, “Kickboxing” and “MMA”. We have also relevant and innovative products for “performance training”

You can test the quality of our products on the spot and try them on our internal training ground.

All our products are ready to sell in our shop at top conditions. There are some sale-products waiting for you.

Parking lots are directly at the shop, Zwergstraße 5-7, 56235 Ransbach-Baumbach

Opening hours: Mo. - Fr. 08:30 - 17:30.

We are looking forward to your visit!