All hereafter mentioned freight rates are valied only for orders of privat consumers (B2C). Freight costs of corporate customers (B2B) will be confirmed aftter receipt of your online order. .

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands:
up to   8kg: 11,80€
up to 12kg: 14,90€
up to 31kg: 22,60€

Bulgaria, Coratia, Romania, Serbia:
up to 8kg:  39,90€
up to 16kg: 44,90€
up to 31kg: 49,80€

up to 31kg: 13,95€

France, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain:
up to 8kg:   18,90€
up to 16kg: 23,90€
up to  31kg: 22,65€

Finnland, Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania:
up to 8kg:  28,90€
up to 16kg: 31,90€
up to 31kg: 39,90€

up to 31kg: 30,00€

Great Britain:
up to 31kg:  14,50€

up to 31kg: 16,90€

up to 4kg: 15,95€
up to 6kg: 16,95€
up to 8kg: 17,95€