Throwdown® Resistance Training Tornado Advanced 48kg

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Weight per unit: 2,5 kg
  • Throwdown® Tornado Advanced 48kg
  • Elastic Battlerope
  • Resistance level Advanced: for Advanced Athletes +80kg and Pros
  • Also available in resistace level Intermediate: beginners with a body weight of 50 to 80kg and advanced athletes
  • Length: ap. 5m, stretches up to 9m
  • Color: red
  • Package content:  1 x sleeved elastic band of 5m length, carry bag
  • Available accessory (not included): Catapult Belt (picture no 5)
Tornado has been designed as a battlerope that fights back. Traditional battel ropes enable athletes to adjust intensity by changing speed of motion. With Tornado intensity can be additionally changed by stretching the battlerope further or less. 
With the available accessory "Catapult Belt" you can easily turn the battling Rope "Tornado" into a resistance training tool for explosive sprints, lateral training for core stability, rotational movements engaging the core, & endurance for cardio sprints