Throwdown Victory Series Cage

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 Throwdown Victory Series Cage Solutions

  • High-Quality Cages by industry leading Throwdown
  • Victory Series Cages solutions are used in UFC-Gyms, by no1 German MMA Promotion "We Love MMA"and by Italian MMA accociation FIGMMA
  • Built to order in three sizes: 20ft' approx. 6,10m / 24ft' approx. 7,30m  / 30ft approx. 9,15m
  • Available with 1 or 2 doors
  • Check out Hexagon Cage for six sided Cage
  • Throwdown’s Victory Series Cages are available in 20ft, 24ft and 30ft Octagon and 24ft Hexagons. These cages range from 3-sided training areas to full enclosed systems. They feature Easy Entry Gate (full cage only), custom printed oversized corner pads, and custom painted logo option.
    Victory Series Cage Panel Walls provide versatility. Creating functional wall barrier a trainable barrier between your group fitness , functional fitness and stand-up areas, enclosing your grappling mats or protecting your walls, windows, and mirrors. The functional posts are compatibe with scores of our Cross-Training-Solutions and add-ons, allowing for a more dynamic workout outside of traditional impact training.
    Possible add-ons are: Quick-Clamp Dual Dip Bar, Quick Clamp Sturdy Step Up, Legend Landmine, Bar Battle Step, Storage Peg, Big Bull Ring, Rope Hanger.
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