Throwdown Personal Fitness Center (PFC)

Product No.:
Price on request

 Performance rack for 4-6 people

·         Dimensions including frame attachments in meters: ca.2.38(length)x 2.85(width)

·         Recommended training area in meters: 6.00(length)x3.95 (width)


Frame & Inlcuded Stations:

  • 2x Big BUll Ring
  • 2 x Beam Mount Bag Hanger
  • Quick Clamp Sturdy Step-Up
  • 4FT Triangle Pull-Up Bar
  • J-Hook Bar Catch Set
  • Quick Clamp Dual Dip Bar
  • Bar Battle Step
  • Perfect Paralell Grip Pull-Ups
  • 2 4FT Mega Grip Bar
  • 3 x Storage Shelves Balls
  • 1 x Storage Shelve Kettlebell
  • 1 x Storage Rack Bumper Plates
  • Vertical Dumpbell Rack
The PERSONAL FITNESS CENTER™ (AKA: PFC)is a custom functional fitness training center designed for small group and personal training. This innovative, commercial grade PFC™ further differentiates your facility by blending the best of impact sports and functional fitness with visually pleasing colors and design elements.

The PFC™ is an engaging small group, functional fitness training solution which offers a variety of modalities with a range of versatile features to foster functional strength, flexibility and endurance. This carefully engineered system creates a powerful and efficient training zone to enable users to exercise simultaneously. The PFC™ drives excitement on many levels - it can be utilized as a stand-alone equipment set and is great for both personal training and group training alike. Small group training zones are fun and consistently build camaraderie which creates bonds and friends that keep users coming back.

Maximize the benefits of your industry leading PFC™ users' experience by implementing this leading edge and comprehensive PFC™ training program designed by THROWDOWN® to create a powerful user experience that delivers results.