Throwdown® Thai Pads Tactical 2018

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Weight per unit: 2 kg
  • Revolutionary Thai Pads with In-Set Grip  
  • Properly aligns the wrist and forearm
  • Suitable for Boxing, Kickboxing, K1, Muay Thai and MMA
  • Tri-Armor Tec: triple layer hand mold padding
  • Tactical Target System
  • Made of durable cow-hide leather
  • Sold in pairs
  • Dimensions (cm):  38 x 22 x 13
  • Weight (single pad / a pair): 1,00kg / 2,00kg

Featuring the most ergonomic design on the market today, the latest Throwdown Tactical Thai Pads`In-Set Grip properly aligns the wrist and forearm, allowing more protection of the ulnar nerve, elbow joint and shoulder. Also more shock absorption than traditional thai pads due to Advancements in foam technology, nothing is sacrificed in impact absorption while impact deflection is actually amplified. In both form and function, this new take on an old design is the best thing on the market.